Homestead Dzukija

Dzūkų sodyba

Homestead Dzukija is built according to traditional architecture. It invites groups consisting of up to 30 people and other holidaymakers to have rest here. The homestead was established in 2012. Only natural materials (wood, straws, stones, loam bricks etc.) were used in this homestead. It consists of a dwelling-house with an attic, a bathhouse with an attic and a bower.

The roofs of the buildings are covered with straws. The area around the homestead is hedged with authentic fence. The homestead is situated by a large pond (4 meters in depth) with very clean water. The pond is suitable for swimming; it has got a small pier. Homestead Dzukija is far away from other buildings and it is perfect for a quiet family or group rest.

There is a hall for banquets on the first floor of the dwelling-house. It is suitable for up to 30 people. There is a fireplace, a sitting room zone (with a cooker, a fridge, a dish-washer, satellite TV, hi-fi equipment, dishes and flatware).

There is an authentic hoary oven in the sitting room. It is possible to prepare traditional Lithuanian dishes there or to bake bread.

On the first floor of the bathhouse there is a bath (it can vary according to the needs  – sauna or Turkish bath), next to the bath there is a room with a fireplace and  an oaken table, suitable for 14 people. There is also a pail (Japanese bath). 8 people can enjoy their time there. Outside in the bower there is a fireplace made of stones – people can prepare steaks there – and an oaken table suitable for 20 people.

In the dwelling-house attic there are 4 rooms where you can find 2 two-storeyed beds for three people (for 2 adults on the first floor of the bed and 1 child on the second floor of the bed), 3 single beds and 1 double bed. On the first floor in the sitting room there is a double bed which can be outspread. In the bathhouse attic there are 2 double beds, 1 single bed and in the sitting room of the attic there is a double bed which can be outspread.

In homestead Dzukija can live 20 people in couples or 13 single holidaymakers. Up to the needs we can offer high-quality additional beds. All the bedrooms have got hallstands, commodes, tables etc.

In the dwelling-house and bathhouse there are 3 common bathrooms with showers, hair-dryers and hot running water. Bedclothes are being changed according to the needs.