Our homesteads have got all the equipments which are necessary for food preparing. For our guests` convenience there are fridges, cookers, dishes etc. The ones who want to vary their free time activities can prepare some dishes in hoary oven.

Our speciality dish “Gribze” – pork ribbings is prepared in the hoary oven and is served with stewed cabbages and unpeeled potatoes. The dish for a group of people consisting of up to 10 members costs 200 Lt (4 kg  ribbings, 1 roasting tin); up to 15 people (6 kg ribbings, 1.5 roasting tin) – 300 Lt; up to 20 people (8 kg ribbings, 2 roasting tins) – 350 Lt.

For your convenience we have prepared some special menu offers for different occasions (birthday party, christening party, anniversary etc.)