About the project

The project “The Establishment  of “Gribze” Homestead“ is realizabled according to Development program of villages in Lithuania in year 2007-2013. It is funded by European Union and the Republic of Lithuania. During the year 2010-2012 the first part of the project was embodied – homesteads Aukstaitija and Dzukija were built. At present time these homesteads are completely ready to host the guests.

The whole territory of homestead “Gribze” covers the area of 7 hectares and is divided into 7 functional areas: homesteads Aukstaitija, Dzukija, Samagotia, Suvalkija and Curonia, sports and entertainment zone (tennis court, beach volleyball, football pitch, basketball court, beach, summer stage) and summer camping zone for children. All mentioned zones are situated around a pond, which extents about 1 hectare. According to the plan, the whole homestead should be finished by the year 2015 and it will be able to host up to 1000 guests at a time.

The main aim of this homestead is to enclose the old architectural features of all ethnocultural regions of Lithuania in quite a small area and save it for the education of future generations. Only natural and environmentally friendly materials were used – wood, reed, lath, stone, clay etc.

The features of the old architecture are reflected in authentic columns, rails and fences, window rims, roof trims, porch cornices etc. It is quite possible, that with the flow of time the buildings will get older and the features of traditional architecture will become even more conspicuous.

We haven`t forgotten those, who like having active recreation – we are installing tennis court, basketball court, 3000 sq. m football pitch with natural cover. Those who like beach volleyball will have a possibility to enjoy a game outside on real beach sand. The ones who like passive relaxation will be able to sunbathe on the beach or to watch sunsets in a promenade.

Those who have already been here say that it was great. You should visit us!